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Food Service Equipment

Product Categories


Stationary and Tilting

The TUCS family of cooking and mixing vessels may look different, but they significantly outperform hemispheric bottom kettles.

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Pump-Fill Stations

Manual and Automatic

For the rapid and precision metering of pumpable product from kettle into casings or pouches.

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Linear and Stationary

Rapidly chill hot clipped casings, heat sealed pouches and/or membrane sealed tubs/bowls/trays.

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Cook Tanks

Stationary and Tilting

For the commissary desiring to automatically cook and then cool vacuum packaged product.

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Horizontal and Vertical

Modular conveyor designed in sections to move packaged product to a designated area.

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Infrastructure Support Equipment


Compressors, Hoists, Ice Builder Replacement, Printers, etc.

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TUCS Mini-50G/100G Cook-Chill System

Cook-Chill in as little as 100 S.F.

A system that will work for the small restaurant chain to handle the needs of up to 5 to 6 locations, or a school satellite kitchen feeding up to 3000 students, or Casino/Hotel production kitchens to produce the stock, sauces, gravies and even salad dressings for the various in-house restaurants and snack bars. Visit our Mini-50G/100G website

  • Increase Food Safety and Quality while Reducing Food and Labor Costs
  • Typical payback for the system is less than 18 months
  • No Ice Builder Required
  • Leasing Options Available

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