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TUCS puts the Cook in Cook-Chill!



Better Cooking Equipment Options:

  • Stationary Cooking/Mixing Vessels
  • Tilting Cooking/Mixing Vessels
  • Pasta/Stock Cooking Vessels
  • Sous vide Processor/Cook Tanks
  • Combination Chill-Cook Vessels



The Shape of things to come…


The TUCS family of cooking and mixing vessels looks different and out performs hemispheric bottom kettles. Our rectangular, horizontal half-cylinder-bottom cooking vessels:


  • Have a smaller footprint, require less kitchen space per gallon of production capacity
  • Have a lower rim height, making ingredient loading and cleaning easier
  • Are not as deep (front-to-back), which allows installation under standard hoods
  • Use horizontal agitators that provide superior mixing, product suspension & batch consistency
  • Provide more heat transfer (steam jacket) surface area for faster heating & efficiency
  • Are easier to manufacturer, so your cost is lower


Stationary Steam Kettles/Mixing Vessels

Tilting Steam Kettles/Mixing Vessels

Pasta Steam Kettles