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Rapid Chilling…without Damaging Fragile Product or Packaging!

Rapid product chilling is critical to the safe extended shelf life of cook-chill and sous vide prepared foods. Product packaged in flexible plastic casings or pouches must be kneaded to massage heat out of the package interior, to ensure uniform chilling within FDA Food Code time guidelines. Most water-batch chillers use mechanical drum tumbling or high velocity pumps to “tumble” casings. Many of these chillers damage delicate food solids such as potatoes, pasta and vegetables in soups or stews; and they are just too abusive for heat sealed pouches or membrane-sealed rigid containers.


TUCS has developed a family of economical batch and continuous chillers, plus combination chiller/cook-tanks that all use air bubblers to gently massage and knead the heat from casings, pouches and other packaging. 


Cook-Chill is a proven meal production process with impressive operator benefits!


Cook-chill meal production systems that employ water-bath chilling of food cooked in or transferred into plastic packaging, have been used for over 40 years to deliver a long list of benefits to wide range of commercial and institutional foodservice operators, including many high profile:

  • Multi-unit Restaurant Chains
  • Hotels, Resorts & Convention Centers
  • Casinos & Theme Parks
  • B&I & Contact Management Companies
  • Supermarkets/Delis & Co-Packers
  • Hospitals, Eldercare & Nursing Homes
  • School Districts, Colleges & Universities
  • Local, State & Federal Correctional Institutions
  • Military & Other Government Feeders


The list of benefits delivered by cook-to-inventory production is long and impressive. They include: labor savings, food cost savings, energy savings, planning and control benefits, improved food quality and superior food safety. Operators considering cook-chill production can realistically expect:


Labor Savings from:

  • Larger batch production quantities with fewer FTEs
  • Equipment designed to reduce hand work & lifting
  • Elimination of multiple production kitchens
  • Elimination of 24-hour staffing or a second shift


Food Cost Savings from:

  • Larger purchase quantity discounts
  • Less ingredient waste during prep
  • Less food loss from employee theft
  • Less food waste when heating & serving


Energy Savings from:

  • Use of fewer, larger scale cooking equipment
  • Consolidation of multiple production kitchens
  • Use of efficient steam-heated cooking equipment
  • Use of cold water for product chilling


Planning & Control Benefits from:

  • Easier staff scheduling
  • Meal planning out 7 to 21 days in advance of use
  • Standardized recipes & production processes
  • Backup food inventory for work stoppage/emergency
  • Excess production capacity to handle growth


Better Food Quality from:

  • Consistent recipe execution per production cards
  • Automated mixing equipment & control systems
  • Consistent batch quality for multiple serving points
  • No chance of over-cooking or under-cooking


Food Safety Benefits from:

  • Food pasteurized during the cooking process
  • No employee or utensil contact during cooking
  • Food transferred into special barrier packaging
  • Chilling much faster than FDA Food Code requirements
  • Integrated HACCP documentation systems


TUCS provides complete Systems…and Professional Support!


TUCS can provide all the ancillary equipment needed to operate an efficient cook-chill production and packaging system.