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TUCS offers more Packaging Options!



More Food Packaging Options:

  • Simple Piston Transfer Pumps
  • Mobile Pump-Fill Stations
  • Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Systems
  • Clip-Casings or Heat-Seal Pouches
  • Fill Tubs, Buckets & Other Containers


TUCS Knows Packaging…Cold and Hot!


TUCS got its start as a packaging equipment company and has developed a host of unique product packaging solutions for food processors, worldwide. At the core of all TUCS packaging systems is a unique air-operated piston pump that:


    • Is extremely accurate & consistent (in fill volume)
    • Can deliver a broad range of fill volumes, from one ounce up to six quarts
    • Can operate at 10 to over 60 cycles-per-minute, to handle different product needs
    •  Is very compact and highly mobile, for easy use, storage & cleaning
    • Has no electric components, and can be washed down
    • Are available with a ½” to 6” piston diameter and 4” to10” stroke or chamber length

Mobile Pump-Fill Station

Mobile Form-Fill-Seal Packaging Station